Useful Astronomy Blogs

It can be hard to find useful sites related to astronomy. There is SO much astronomy news and information on the web. Over time, I have found some sites that I read everyday so I thought others might find a list of my most-read astronomy blogs helpful.

Mainly, I use Google Reader to condense all favorite astronomy blogs into a more manageable format. If a particular site I like has an news feed (as in RSS) I add that site my Google Reader list. That way it’s much easier to read the huge flood of stories. Common Craft has a cool video explaining how RSS works if you aren’t sure what all this is about and even one all about how to use Google Reader for your RSS feeds. You think I left something out? Let me know in the comments.

Daily Multimedia Posts

All-around Astronomy News and Info

  • Bad Astronomy – Phil Plait has crafted quite an image for good science news and a lot of snark
  • One Minute Astronomer – Brian Ventrudo posts astronomy tips for the busy human
  • Slacker Astronomy – this started out as an astronomy podcast and has grown to a blog and wiki too
  • Star Stryder – Pamela Gay’s astronomy blog comes with a healthy dose of her insight into astronomy topics
  • The Perfect Silence – off-beat and thoughtful content related to astronomy
  • Universe Today – lots of news and a sprawling set of topics

Observation Blogs

News & Info About Astronomy Missions

Direct from the Astronomers

Professional Astronomy Media Blogs

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  1. john fletcher Says:

    another good website is

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