Find satellites with Heavens Above

Amateur astronomers not only try to spot dim nebulae and the rare cosmic events but also man made astronomical objects in the night sky such as communication satellites, the International Space Station, and the Hubble Space Telescope. There is also an ever-growing cloud of space junk up there too.

One great way to find out when you can see a bright satellite zoom overhead is Heavens Above. You can enter a latitude and longitude or you can choose one of the location from the provided list. Track the ISS or the HST or any number of other satellites. There is also a helpful list of periodic comets that may be visible from your location.

For example, tonight viewers that happened to be at Belliare High School at7:30 would be able to see the Hubble Space Telescope as it zooms past bright Venus in the west.


Chart of path of HST For Bellaire TX

Try it out and see if you can catch HST going overhead.

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