George Observatory Observing Session

2 of the Domes at the George

2 of the Domes at the George

Last Thursday my astronomy went to the George Observatory at Brazos Bend State Park (which is run by the Houston Museum of Natural Science) for an observing session. The weather was cold and clear and the transparency was great.

Our tour guide was the always-knowledgeable Barbara Wilson. We managed to make it through all of the objects on the list.

  • Venus (awesome crescent through the scopes)
  • M 31 (Andromeda Galaxy)
  • NGC 884 (Double Cluster in Perseus)
  • M 37 (Open Cluster in Auriga)
  • M 1 (Crab Nebula Supernova Remnant)
  • M 42 (Great Orion Nebula – Star Forming Region)
  • NGC 2264 (Christmas Tree Cluster)
  • NGC 2261 (Hubble’s Variable – Nebula)
  • NGC 2392 (Clown Face or Eskimo Nebula) – students called this one the Simba Nebula
Simba Nebula

Simba Nebula

The equipment in the research dome at the George is impressive and we got to use it just for the class! It was a great time and I recommend area teachers take their classes out to the George for a session.

Shot of the Gueymard 36 Relfector (courtesy of Capella 7009)

Shot of the Gueymard 36" Relfector (courtesy of Capella 7009)

3 Responses to “George Observatory Observing Session”

  1. Great article! Glad the weather worked out for you & your class.
    Thanks for featuring my photo of the 36″!

  2. I hope you don’t mind the photo, but I am very enamored with the telescope and the photo gives a great view.

  3. capellastronomy Says:

    Don’t mind at all, glad you like the photo! 🙂

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