Gibbous July Moon

The moon goes through a 28-day cycle with each phase lasting 7 days. Recently I set out to catch the moon during the waxing gibbous phase just a few days before full moon. Gibbous means that more than half the surface of the Moon as seen from Earth is lit up and waxing means a bit more is lit up last night than the night before.

Waxing gibbous July Moon

Waxing gibbous July Moon

Crater Tycho

Crater Tycho

The moon is one of my favorite photographic subjects. Soon I hope to take some late-night/early-morning waning crescent images.

NASA has sent the Lunar Reconnaissance Observer with the another mission in-tow designed to smash into the Moon to aid the search for possible water-ice in lunar craters. This is one of the first images from the spacecraft showing an area near Mare Nubium (sea of clouds).

Near Mare Nubium

Near Mare Nubium

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