Amateur Astrophotographer Christopher Go Images Io Transiting Ganymede

Christopher Go of Cebu City Phillipines managed to catch an incredible transit of Io’s shadow over Ganymede. These are 2 of the moons of Jupiter aka the Jovian moons. This is a very difficult series to actually catch.

Io and Ganymede dance

Io passes Ganymede in this series of photos taken August 16, 2009. © 2009 Christopher Go

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We have seen many amateur astronomers in the news lately. Earlier this year Australian amateur astronomer Anthony Wesley captured an image showing the impact scar left on Jupiter by an apparent comet. Then in late 2008 a ninth-grader in NY named Caroline Moore discovered a supernova as an amateur. So this just adds to the list of things amateur astronomers are doing to further the field of astronomy with their own equipment and time.

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